What we charge for

In general terms, the price we charge includes:

  • Our time, talent and artistry
  • Pre-session consultation, planning and preparation
  • The photoshoot
  • Post-production: editing, retouching and image enhancement
  • Packaging and delivery

In addition, our goal is to provide our clients with a start-to-finish hassle-free experience, so we’ve partnered up with professional photo labs and other suppliers to offer a broad range of high quality products, including:

  • Prints
  • Wall art: frames, canvases, wall decals
  • Albums and photobooks
  • Acrylic tiles, portrait boxes
  • Collages, montages
  • Postcards, birthday invitations, gift vouchers

Packages and Pricing

Because every client’s project is different, we’ll be in position to tailor a package for you only after we’ve understood what your individual circumstances and specific requirements are. We’ll discuss all of this as part of the pre-session consultation.

As a reference,  we’ve put together a Pricing Guide 2017 for you to evaluate our offer and decide what suits you best. Please enter below your email address and retrieve the Guide directly from your inbox.

Got something else in mind?

Not to worry. Please contact us to discuss what you’re after and we’ll help you figure out your best option.

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