A bit about myself…

Hi there. I’m Marie De Pablo, BellaShoot’s founder. I’m a Brisbane based portrait photographer who specializes in maternity, children and family photography.

I am calm, quiet, even shy. My approach is relaxed, warm, and down-to-earth. My images are simple, delicate, and pure. These are my traits, and I hope they come across in all aspects of my work.

To me, the photographic art form is a vehicle to document life journeys. I am moved by the ever increasing love bond that first burst into existence in a mother’s pregnant belly, a bond which keeps strengthening thereafter as that child makes his way through life. This is my focus of interest. Pure life in motion… evolution, change, growth.

My purpose is to establish close relationships with my clients. I’d love them to view me as a long term partner, as someone who can help them realize there’s beauty all around in their lives that is worth capturing. I want to create images that draw you in, that evoke emotions of happiness and nostalgia… images that bring you back to this moment of your life and fill your heart with joy.

With a background in visual communications (major in post-production), I’ve specialized throughout my career in digital image processing and picture enhancement. My creative origins are anchored in the film industry, which is where most of my practical work experience resides, both behind the camera and in the editing room. However, it’s photography what’s been my lifelong passion ever since I got hold of my first Kodak.

After becoming a mum in late 2013, my love for photography intensified with a newfound rush of energy and enthusiasm. It’s been an absolute joy to document the growth of my two little girls, and I’ve become pretty obsessed with seeking to capture those precious moments that bring the appreciation of life to a whole new dimension!

There’s something magical about observing the world through a lens; it reveals beauty where the naked eye doesn’t stop to take notice.

Having run a digital cinema company of my own in the past, I felt that I was well equipped with enough business acumen, so I decided to venture into the next stage and turn my passion for photography into a business.

I invite you to pause, look at your life, and realize that there is something beautiful around your story that is worth capturing.

Come along, and ride with me the BellaShoot journey. I commit to you my full dedication and I promise to craft a meaningful collection of images that will pass down the generations as a beautiful depiction of yourself at this one, unique, never-to-return moment of your life.