Frequently Asked Questions

Arguably, dusk and dawn are regarded as the best periods for photography as the rich hues and tones that can be captured are of unmatched delicacy and beauty. In the great majority of cases, though, it is possible to find suitable light conditions to shoot during ‘normal’ hours, so in all likelihood we will be able to accommodate a date and time slot that suit you.
Be it in woodlands, by the river, in a beach, or in a public park or garden, Brisbane offers plenty of options when it comes to choose a location for your photo session. We’ll discuss with you the various options from a convenience viewpoint (travel time, parking, etc), but also in terms of what they offer for image composition and background.

We can also come to your place or shoot in our home-based studio in East Brisbane.

If you’re thinking of getting a picture as an addition to your home decor, the colour scheme of the intended display zone should be carefully considered when selecting a location for your shoot.

Above all, wear clothes you feel comfortable in and that are true to you and your personality. It is best to avoid busy patterns that will clutter the image, like logos, graphics, labels, etc. Textures, layers, and accessories (hats, scarves, jackets, necklaces, etc) are a great addition to the scene as they bring depth, contrast, and a very appealing dimension to the eye.

In group photos, matching colour is boring and dated, so avoid it, but make sure you coordinate clothes around a harmonious colour palette.

Reach out to us and we’ll be in position to assist you when picking out the perfect combination of outfits for you and your family. You can also check our blog post: Top ten tips for what to wear to a portrait photoshoot

It’s important to arrive at the session well rested so you feel comfortable and energetic through the shoot. Bring an outfit change, accessories, a drink, a snack. Ensure the kids are fed and bring along their favorite toy.
The addition to the scene of a subtle accessory can make wonders for the shot; a chair, a musical instrument, a sporting item, a flower bouquet, a vintage briefcase, etc. It’s important to make sure the photo is not overwhelmed by too much distraction and that the prop actually makes sense and fits well with the concept that’s been designed.
We’ll collect you at the agreed meeting point, go over a few details on how the session will unfold, and get started.

Typically, we’ll capture a mix of a few posed shots and a few ‘natural’ ones, depending on how comfortable you feel around the camera, what the objective of the session is and the intended final product.

In any case, we’ll be providing you with directions throughout the shoot so we can get the most out of it. Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience.

For further details, check our blog post: The photo session from start to finish: a clear workflow…the key to happier clients 

The duration of the shoot will depend on the package selected, but typically can range from 1 hr to a 2 hr session. Newborn sessions are longer, typically between 2 and 4 hrs.
The number of pictures taken will depend on the session duration, but will be sufficient to ensure plenty of redundancy for the selection stage. Typically, we’ll shoot between 100 and 200 photos in a one hour shoot, however, the pre-selection list given to the client (proofing gallery) will contain a choice range between 1-in-3 to 1-in-4. For example, if your selected package was a collection of 10 images, we’ll give you between 30 to 40 photos to choose from.
I’m afraid not. Showing you the pictures will slow the shoot down, plus, it’ll give you the wrong impression because the photos need to undergo some post-processing. Indeed, the camera screen is incapable of rendering the captured image in its full quality and color richness. If you see me looking often at the screen is because I’m checking the camera settings, which need to be adjusted a few times over the course of the session.
We’ll upload a sneak peek to our facebook page shortly after the shoot (typically within the next couple of days).

We’ll send you a link to a password protected online proofing gallery within 1-3 weeks from the date of the session.

Allow 1-2 more weeks for editing and finishing touches.

You may or may not want to get involved in the artistic decision-making. You’ll be given the opportunity to have a say and provide your views and thoughts. If you rather sit back and prefer to leave everything to us, that’s fine too. You can relax and rely on our judgment and expertise.
Depending on individual circumstances, we’ll arrange the delivery medium, which can be in the form of digital download from our website, usb-stick or CD/DVD mailed by post/courier, or physically handed over at either your place or in our home studio in a final review session.
Your online gallery will be live for 30 days. After that we’ll keep your files stored for up to 6 months (or more). If for whatever reason you want to place a new order within that period, just get in touch and we’ll send you a quote. Beyond that, files may be permanently deleted.
Under BellaShoot’s terms, you, the client, are granted with ownership of copyright on all images you purchase from BellaShoot, as long they are reproduced for a private or domestic purpose. Commercial exploitation of the photographs, or use for any other purpose is prohibited without BellaShoot’s permission. Check our Terms and Conditions for more details.
Don’t know what to do next with your digital images ? Overwhelmed about file format, resolution, ppi, dpi, color profiles, printing material ? Don’t you worry. We work with a range of suppliers (print/frame shops) which allows us to offer the complete pack to the client. Leave it to us, and we’ll give you a hassle-free customer experience, from photo capture to final product.
First step is to get in touch with us. We’ll gather a few details from you and send you a quote. If you’re happy with it, you can proceed to pay our retainer fee, which is what materializes the session booking.
A non-refundable retainer fee is required to schedule your photo session. A retainer invoice will be sent and payment of the deposit shall be made via ETF. A final invoice will be sent once the client confirms their definite package, before the final editing/retouching stage.
The retainer you’ve paid us is non-refundable. However, we do understand the unexpected can happen, so we’ll be open to reschedule your session, provided you give us at least 48 hrs notice though. Notices given with less than 48 hrs of the session date, or non attendance, will result in the holding deposit being forfeited, and a new deposit will be due for the rescheduled date.

If BellaShoot needs to cancel due to emergency or force majeure, we’ll let you know in due time and either reschedule the session or give you a full refund of the deposit.

For more details on cancellations and rescheduling, check our Terms and Conditions.

You can’t change the weather, so don’t let it ruin the session…embrace it ! If it’s windy, let your scarves and hair be blown by the wind. If it’s rainy, pull out some colourful umbrellas and stomp your feet in the puddles. Basically, be prepared for anything and just roll with the punches. Maybe, you’ll end up with something you didn’t have in mind, and if you’re open to the possibilities, you may love the result even more!

Having said that, although a passing shower may not be a big deal and not a reason to cancel a session, we do understand that a miserable day can ruin it for everybody. We’ll be accommodating; whether it’s too wet, too windy, or too cold, we’ll contact you to have a final word and confirm the session before we head off to location.  It’ll be up to our discretion to call it a day or not, but you won’t be penalized with an extra charge should we need to reschedule.

If someone gets sick during the session, or for any reason your child is particularly fussy or upset, it can be quite stressful for the parents and the child alike, and clearly the conditions are not there for a good photoshoot. Relax, we’ve all been there, these things just happen. If things don’t go according to plan, we will usually know a few minutes in, so we can call it a day and try some other time for no extra fee.

Do you have any other questions unanswered or want some further clarification ? Please contact us and let us know. We’ll do our best to clear it all up promptly.