Your very own 2018 family yearbook

By | December 3rd, 2017|

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to announce a new Project I'm gonna be working on throughout the next year... I've named it, simply, the "2018 Yearbook". As you can guess, what I want to do is offer you a collection of images to celebrate your life through the year. It's not your regular photoshoot or your [...]

Mother’s Day Special… celebrate mum with a beautiful portrait to last for all time

By | April 19th, 2017|

Giving mum a beautiful portrait of her family and kids is the most precious gift she could ever get, isn’t it? For that reason, to celebrate all beautiful mums, we’re offering a few portrait packages as part of our ‘Mother’s Day Special’ Who? Are you a dad wanting to impress your wife? Maybe you could surprise grandma [...]

Easter photo sessions… bunnies and eggs to capture your child’s cuteness

By | March 19th, 2017|

Easter is such a special and magical holiday when you have little ones at home! No wonder why… who doesn’t like looking for hidden eggs and finding all sorts of gifts? Surely you’ll do your best to wow your kids, but one thing you don’t want to miss is to capture their joy and cute adventurous expressions [...]

Valentine’s Day: four awesome photo gift ideas that’ll wow your other half

By | January 31st, 2017|

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Have you started scratching your head wondering what to do or buy for your other half? It’s tough, I know, especially if you’re a bloke. Because, let’s be honest, Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal to most ladies, so you don't want to be the guy who ends [...]

Meet Marie, BellaShoot’s founder

By | August 3rd, 2016|

Identity Proposition Statement I'm a twentyfourteen-ish year old mother of two with a passion for still pictures. What else floats my boat? My pinterest boards give me away big time: crafts, cooking, baking, sewing, know, girly cheesy stuff. No shame. I'm not the romantic type though. Flowers don't do it for me, and neither does [...]

FAQ – Everything you need to know about your photography session

By | September 30th, 2016|

Frequently Asked Questions Arguably, dusk and dawn are regarded as the best periods for photography as the rich hues and tones that can be captured are of unmatched delicacy and beauty. In the great majority of cases, though, it is possible to find suitable light conditions to shoot during ‘normal’ hours, so in all likelihood we [...]

Top ten tips for what to wear to a portrait photoshoot

By | July 28th, 2016|

With a million possible outfit combinations and so many details to look at, choosing what to wear in a portrait photoshoot can seem like a daunting task. A paramount one, nevertheless. Indeed, poorly selected clothing can really ruin what otherwise is a great portrait, so you really need to plan ahead and remove the last minute [...]

How to prepare for your newborn photography session

By | October 6th, 2016|

When Newborn sessions should be held within the first 14 days of baby’s life (ideally during the first week!), as it’s easier to settle them and putting them down to sleep.   Where These sessions are held at our home studio in Carina, Eastern Brisbane. There is plenty of secure parking within the property, so [...]

What to expect from your Cake Smash session

By | November 6th, 2016|

When Cake Smash sessions are usually carried out in celebration of your child’s first birthday. But this doesn’t have to be always the case. Any occasion worth celebrating can be a good excuse to have fun diving into a colourful delicious cake (even for adults!).   Where These sessions are held at our home studio [...]

The photo session from start to finish: a clear workflow…the key to happier clients

By | December 8th, 2016|

Have you had professional photos taken before ? If your experience has been anything like ours, you probably went into the photo session not understanding how the whole thing would work, were not given advice on how to prepare for the shoot, what to wear, what to bring, or how to engage your kids. During the [...]