Cake Smash sessions are usually carried out in celebration of your child’s first birthday. But this doesn’t have to be always the case. Any occasion worth celebrating can be a good excuse to have fun diving into a colourful delicious cake (even for adults!).


These sessions are held at our home studio in Ferny Hills. There is plenty of secure parking within the property, so just come in and leave your car right next to the studio entrance.


Although these sessions are scheduled for an hour, at times they can last a little longer, depending on how the little ones react in the moment; some lose no time and dive straight into the cake, while others need some encouragement to get the smashing going. In all cases, it’s heaps of fun!

 The cake

The cake is supplied by us and included in the price. Alternatively, you’re welcome to supply the cake yourself, in which case we’ll give you a $30 credit towards your final invoice. In any case, the cake design and colour is instrumental for a coherent harmonious shoot setting, and is decided alongside theme, backdrop and clothing selection.

The shots

Typically, we’ll spend the first half an hour taking regular portrait snaps (before the cake) and getting your baby comfortable around the place and in front of the camera.

For the second half we’ll bring the cake out and just capture the unpredictable unfold. We never know how a child is going to behave and this is exactly where the magic is.

Keeping your child warm

Often minimal clothing is required to match baby to the scene and get the cutest shots, so we’ll crank up the heat before you arrive to set a pleasant room temperature and ensure your baby is warm and cozy through the shoot. As you should expect a room warmer than usual, please consider this when selecting your own clothing.

Feed your child

Please feed your child before our session to ensure a satisfied and happy baby.

How to dress them up

We’ll liaise well before the shoot to plan the session properly. We’ll discuss with you alternative themes/colour schemes, and we’ll prepare the scene, backdrop and cake accordingly. Clothing selection is a key decision in this planning stage.


One thing is for sure…there will be a mess by the end of the session. Don’t you worry, it’s all taken care of. Just make sure you bring a towel, spare nappies, and a change of clothes for baby. We’ll also have wipes, towels, and hand sanitizer in the studio.

Keep calm and be patient

Oftentimes children get fussy in ‘weird’ territory, which tends to stress parents out. Don’t worry, that’s all right, it usually is just a matter of a few minutes before they start exploring the scene and enjoy with what’s going on around them. It’s important for you to remain calm through the session because babies can sense stress and anxiety.

Have fun

Even when things seem not to be going according to plan, there is nothing to be worried about…it’s just a matter of time. So take it easy on you, relax and have fun!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything you may want to discuss before the shoot.